the solution for invoice submission and processing.

BillTrackPro is a hosted software service that provides firms with the ability to automate vendor registration, invoice submission and processing. It manages routing, review, approval, escalation, vendor communication, document imaging, and upload into your financial system software.

With BillTrackPro, your firm can efficiently process advanced client costs and other general expense invoices, reducing administrative costs associated with processing paper-based invoices.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Eliminates the costs associated with procuring and maintaining additional hardware and software.

Intuitive Interface

Web-based presentation means anyone familiar with a browser will not require any training or orientation.


All user-submitted data is subject to front-end data validation to ensure all business rules are followed.

Line-Item Thresholds

Flexible threshold management allows administrators to assign dollar limits based on any combination of vendor, GL category and client/matter.

E-mail Notifications

Customizable notification rules remind users to process their payables.


Customizable, multi-tier escalation rules remind users to review items and keep managers informed.

Transparency & Accountability

Robust auditing and administrative controls provide real-time reporting and interactive management tools.

Sandbox Security

Group policy rules ensure that users only interact with relevant data for which they are authorized.

Globally Available & Mobile Device Compatible

Accessible via the World Wide Web and within the enterprise 24/7. Standards-based HTML5 presentation layer runs on all modern browsers, including mobile devices.

IRS Compliant (W9 & Tax ID Requirements)

Vendor module includes Tax ID verification and IRS Form W9 submission/management in PDF format.

Vendor Profile Management

Vendors can submit updated contact information as needed to ensure payments reach their intended parties.

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