Chief Financial Officer

During these challenging economic times, CFOs are concerned about having sufficient Accounting Department staff to manage vendor invoices and attorney approval.

Processing vendor invoices is a time-consuming process. It can be a challenge to obtain a valid client-matter number for charges on a vendor invoice. And getting invoice approval from attorneys for advanced client disbursements can take quite a lot of time, given their availability.

BillTrackPro provides a secure, web-based application for vendors to register and submit invoices. BillTrackPro requires taxpayer identification numbers (for 1099 reporting), along with the approval of an attorney, before vendors are even allowed to submit an invoice. Vendors are responsible for entering line items, and their data is validated at the outset to make sure only active client matters are billed. BillTrackPro also requires vendors to upload a PDF copy of their invoice, which can be brought into your existing imaging systems. No more paper invoices. No more manual entry. No more mistakes.

Once an invoice has been checked and submitted, line items are automatically routed to the appropriate partners and associates for review, based on your workflow ruleset. Attorneys can deny a charge, which provides an automatic e-mail notification to the vendor, or they can approve a charge, which automatically produces vouchers upon upload to your financial system.

With BillTrackPro, you can finally harness technology previously available only to your firm's clients. Wouldn't it be great to know all amounts owed by the firm and the status of these invoices? Wouldn't it be great to eliminate the paper and people chase required to review vendor invoices, or the need to file and store vendor invoices for future reference? It's time to take control of the litigation and accounts payable process.

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