Managing Partner

Managing Partners need assurance that their firms will recoup all amounts advanced to vendors on behalf of clients, while at the same time reducing operating costs associated with these internal administrative services.

Are you tired of hearing about outsourced services and off-shore solutions for law firm administrative support? Have you ever wondered why law firms haven't benefitted from e-billing technology just as clients have for so many years? BillTrackPro is the solution.

BillTrackPro provides your firm with the ability to automate vendor registration, vendor invoice submission and all related processing associated with review, approval, vendor communication, and integrating information with your financial system software. With BillTrackPro, your firm can efficiently process advanced client costs and other invoices, reducing administrative costs associated with processing paper-based invoices.

BillTrackPro is a green-friendly, zero footprint solution that does not require any investment in hardware and is based on best-in-class technologies.

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