Controllers are pulled in all directions by an inefficient invoice and reimbursement system, chasing paper and people throughout the firm.

Your CFO just dropped by to tell you that management is looking to reduce operating costs. Your staff is spending time preparing invoices to be transmitted to your outsourced service provider or your off-shore office for processing. You're sending an e-mail to an attorney who hasn't responded to prior requests to approve a client advance vendor invoice. Your billing manager has a write-off request for a client advance that was processed after the final bill was issued on a matter that was settled, while your operations manager may be calling to let you know that he found some vendor invoices in an attorney's desk who recently separated from your firm. And your phone is ringing off the hook with a vendor who's wondering about the status of his invoice.

There has to be a better way to address litigation and accounts payable. Now there is.

BillTrackPro eliminates paper handling and scanning, repeated telephone calls and e-mails, and the tedious tracking of vendor invoices in your firm. Built on a scalable system that does not require additional headcount as your firm grows, BillTrackPro solves all of the above problems. With BillTrackPro, vendors are responsible for entering, scanning and submitting invoices. With BillTrackPro, attorneys are reminded automatically about invoices they need to review. With BillTrackPro, automatic escalations notify managers before the books are closed on unprocessed invoices. With BillTrackPro, you can easily reroute line items if an attorney leaves the firm. With BillTrackPro, vendors can see, in real time, the status of their invoice.

Now you have control, with BillTrackPro.

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