Lawyers handle dozens of matters for clients. They shouldn't have to remember to hunt down invoices.

You manage your docket and rely on either a paralegal or your secretary to handle client advanced vendor disbursement invoices. You have no clue how many vendor invoices are either awaiting submission to a client on your behalf, or your approval for the firm to advance payment on behalf of the client. You're reviewing billing memoranda, you're issuing some final bills and you do not know if you've forgotten to include one or more client advanced disbursements.

With BillTrackPro you have access to up-to-the-minute information regarding client advanced disbursement vendor invoices. You do not need to manage paper vendor invoices sent to your office, nor do you need to remember individual client litigation guidelines, because BillTrackPro saves this information on the system and applies these rules to all subsequent invoices. If you're busy handling your caseload, you can assign delegates to address invoices assigned to your matters while monitoring the status at your convenience. There is finally a streamlined solution for receiving, reviewing, approving, and submitting client advanced litigation invoices, accessible on the Internet from anywhere in the world.

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